House Rules

Character Creation

1. 40 xp, Veteran
2. 200 British Pounds (US$1,000 equivalent) worth of Gear. Don’t just think guns. Coordinate amongst yourselves to have a good balance of gear. You can reserve some money to equip yourselves once you know what the mission is.
3. We will keep track on ammo and encumbrance.
4. DAR and Savage Deluxe Edges. If you want something from the Horror Companion check with me first.
5. Gear & Weapons: DAR and small arms from US and England from Weird Wars 2. Some of the Deluxe weapons are ok, but make sure that they are appropriate for the period. If you want something from another source check with me first.
6. Don’t forget the weather is wacky. Read “Fimbulwinter” side panel on DAR p. 50. It’s January 1948. Average real world temperatures in Iran range from 32 – 39 F, but after Serpentfall, it can be colder with freak storms and lots of snow. Dress warmly.
7. The world has gone through a cataclysm. Whole countries were destroyed. Millions of people died as the snake crashed to earth—think about it, half the U.S was wiped out in a giant Tsunami, England and Ireland, most of France obliterated—not to mention the devastation already caused by WW2. There’s a good probability your characters did not escape unscathed—family members died or disappeared, homes destroyed, entire lives uprooted. The world is not a nice place. When you think of hindrances, think how Serpentfall would have affected your character. Also, think of them as real people, not lonely secret agents. Its ok to have families and kids, girlfriends or lovers. Make them 3 dimensional.
8. Additional Languages: 2 + (Smarts/2) : This is different than the standard for DAR, but as SIS agents in a very international area of the world, additional languages are common. Native language is free.
9. Pick your Defining Interest: Languages do not count as a Defining interest. See below for Defining Interest Rules.


Sanity is covered in p.22 of the Horror Companion. For those of you with keen eyesight, or are too lazy to download the companion from dropbox, you can get it here.

Doom and Dread

You can find a list of additional setting rules from the Horror Companion here. This is a partial list of setting rules that I am using from that companion that I think may come into play often.

Defining Interests

Every character is a sum of their parts, and in addition to their skills and traits, possesses a number of interests and hobbies that may have nothing whatsoever to do with their professional pursuits, or may, at best, complement them on occasion.

Your character begins with a number of defining interests equal to half their Smarts die type. Any permanent increase in an character’s Smarts grants them the appropriate number of additional defining interests that should be selected at the time of the increase. A defining interest gives the character a base +1 to their Common Knowledge roll when the subject is called into question.

Sample Interests

Culture: Anthropology, Archaeology, Astrology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, City Knowledge (Specific), Chemistry, Classical Literature, Cooking, Culture (Specific), Etiquette, Folklore, Forensics, Geology, Language (Specific), Knowledge (Specific), Natural History, Photography, Physics.

Craft: Art (Specific), Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair

Perform: Acting, Comedy, Dance, Disguise, Juggling, Instrument (Specific), Oratory, Puppetry, Singing

This list is by no means exhaustive. Players are free to come up with additional items that fit their character, subject to their GM’s approval. No investigator may ever take Knowledge (Ophi-tech) as a defining interest.

Remember, a defining interest provides only a general knowledge of a topic and is not as detailed as someone who takes a specific Knowledge skill.

New Skills

Disguise is the ability to change your own appearance or someone else’s. The effort requires a few props and some time. Disguise can also be used to physically impersonate someone else. Disguise is modified by Charisma.

Here are detailed rules for how to disguise yourself and go unnoticed by your enemies:

Start the process by figuring out if the people your heroes are trying to hide from are “active” or “inactive”. Inactive people aren’t paying particularly close attention to their surroundings or are unfamiliar or simply acquainted with the person you are trying to look like. The character need only score a standard success on their individual Disguise rolls to avoid their disguise from raising suspicion. Failing a Disguise roll in the presence of inactive people makes them active.

Active people are on the look-out or are familiar with the person you are trying to impersonate. For example, NKVD guards searching a crowd for a suspected anti-revolutionary, capitalist, imperialist bourgeoisie would be considered active. Active people make opposed Notice rolls against the disguised character’s Disguise skill. Failing a roll against active person means the disguised character is spotted.

If you attempt to impersonate a specific individual, people who know that individual are always considered active (and should receive a bonus on their Notice roll if they are close friends). Apply the following modifiers to all Disguise rolls.

Note, that this skill only applies to physical appearance. To impersonate a specific person in a social situation (such as in conversing with someone acquainted with the person), requires observation (real or through some media) of the person you are trying to impersonate and is based on the Persuasion skill.


Disguise Kit +2
Only changing minor details +2
Disguised as different sex -2
Disguised as different age -2
Disguised as different ethnic group or race -2 to -4

New Gear

Disguise Kit
Cost: 50 Br-pounds.
Weight: 8

House Rules

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