“Welcome to the world at the end of the world. The skies are shrouded with burning, oily smoke, the Earth groans under a poisoned corpse, and the only way out may be deeper into the belly of the beast. It’s a world nearly killed by the death of wonder, although far from all the wonders are dead. Put the “grim” back in “grime” and see the world outside the smeared Perspex windscreen. See it smolder. See it burn. See if you can save it.”


The first impression you may get from “The Day After Ragnarok” setting is that its just plain weird. Its hard to characterize what kind of genre it really is. The real reason why it’s hard to exactly pin point or categorize the setting is that its actually very malleable to many different styles of play. There are two over-arching genre’s in Ragnarok. First and foremost it is pulp. The second is that its set in an alternate earth with very similar history to our own in 1948. The other elements of the setting are based on the style of game the group wants to play, from being outlaw pirates in the Indian Ocean, to hunting Nazi war criminals in South America, to paramilitary operations against Soviet attempts to spread Communism and dominate the world, to Indiana Jones style treasure hunting, to High Fantasy monster fighting in the Poison Lands in the U.S. It’s a mix of the Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, meets Mad Max, meets the Lost World, meets Flash Gordon, meets the giant monster movies of the 40’s and 50’s and more. Its all there for you to use or not use based on your group’s taste. What’s great is that the type of adventure can change week to week while still keeping the same characters.

The first step in getting to know a little background to how messed up this post-apocalyptic, messed up world we are playing in is to read the forum posting called What’s Come Before.

Day After Ragnarok

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