Day After Ragnarok

Crashing through Planes
Another Day to Die

So we take off on this bloody Russian airplane making our way in disguised as the “General”, the bodyguard and the female “East German” secretary. After a boring flight the pilot calls for the “General”, and shows us a black storm with a solid light shooting up over the plant we are trying to reach. The General orders the pilot to continue while he stays in the front cabin. After the plane losses power the secretary opens the door and losses his wig. I know the jig is up. I dispatch the stewardess and throw her overboard. Next is the copilot, who I use a little too much force and ripped off the bloody head. Out the door he follows after we remove his uniform for the secretary to change places. After the General finally decides it time to jump we leave the plane. I try and destroy the evidence and witness but the Russian flare bloody doesn’t work. All’s well that end well as the pilot errors and the plane explodes anyway. Another time awaits on the ground….

Where in the World is Nesim Aliyev
Session 1

Rude Awakening

Andrew was rudely awakened by the loud telephone ring on the nightstand beside him. He fumbled to reach for it in the dark before finally answering. “This is Harrington,” his voice sounded brusque and throaty. “Harrington, this is Zaehner. I apologize for the early rising, old chap, but I need you at the embassy right away. I’ve sent a car to pick you up. It should be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes sir, I’ll be ready.” Andrew got out of bed, fumbled for the lights and squinted irritably as they came on. Starting to undress he took a cursory look at the clock by the bed. “Four-thirty. Does the man ever sleep?”

Andrew walked into Robin Zaehner‘s office just over 30 minutes after being roused. Impeccably dressed in a dark suit, hair flawlessly combed, shoes spotlessly clean. He looked at the two other men sitting around Zaehner’s desk. “Ah, Harrington, come in, come in please. Have a seat.” invited Zaehner and motioned Andrew to an empty chair by his desk. The man was polite, but his furrowed brow meant something was obviously troubling him.

“Gentlemen,” he continued without waiting for Harrington to sit down, “I’ve called you here on a matter of great concern. Our source at the TPMO has informed us that the” NKVD “is tapping all their resources to frantically search for a Mr. Nesim Aliyev. They’re circulating this picture around to their sources.”

“A Nazi infantry-man?” asked one of the other men in the office, a medium sized man, dressed in an impeccable SAS uniform.

“It appears so,” paused Zaehner to take a sip of his tea, “we don’t know much about this chap except that he appears to have fought in the Wehrmacht. Our analyst believe he is Azeri, so it’s most probable that he was enlisted into the” Ostlegionen “during the war. Why the Soviets are pulling all the stops to apprehend him is a mystery, but obviously anything this important to the Soviets becomes a matter of importance to the British Crown. Now, I’ve asked you here because I want you to find this man before the NKVD does and bring him into our custody. We need to question him and ascertain why he is so bloody important. It is up to you, but I recommend beginning your search at the Azerbaijani section just outside the Old City.”

Sensing no further questions Zaehner dismissed the men, “Time is of the essence, gentlemen, we’re up against the NKVD on this one.”

The three men stood and left Zaehner’s office and took a moment to introduce themselves. The man dressed in the SAS uniform was Lieutenant Dudley Smiles, a martial arts expert and trained commando who fought in the war. The other was Colin O’Brien, an Irish born agent who’d served in the SAS as well, but was now on active reserve. The three of them had been recruited into the SIS after Serpentfall and were all well versed in the middle east.

The Search for Nesim

As advised, the three men travelled to the Azerbaijani neighborhood in the Southern end of the city to meet one of Andrew’s local contacts, Mahmoud Rahimi. Rahimi, told the men that a man fitting Nesim’s description caused a disturbance two days ago at the Tabriz Teahouse (area #54). The police were called, but the man was not apprehended. Rahimi, told the PCs that the man, was sweating badly and appeared to be sick. He had open sores on his hands and face and were secreting some type of substance.

The heroes head to the nearby police station and demand to speak to the Police Lieutenant. After a tense confrontation with the desk sergeant, the Lieutenant was called. O’Brien and Harrington attempted to persuade the Lieutenant that there was an eminent health risk at the tea house, but the man would not agree to close the establishment. The men argued for several minutes and were not getting anywhere fast. Harrington, slipped the lieutenant a bribe and the officer reluctantly agreed to first talk to the officer who had responded to the disturbance call. Officer Abbas Rahmar, confirmed that it was reported than the man appeared sick, but did not actually see the man. He had been identified as “Nesim” and fit the description. The lieutenant grudgingly agreed to have the heroes investigate the incident further.

The characters talked to Omar Tardiz the owner of the tea house. The man confirmed that a man who called himself “Nesim” caused a disturbance two days ago. Tardiz told the PCs that the man became agitated at one of the patrons who was preaching about the benefits of communism. Nesim accused the Soviets of kidnapping Azeris in Armenia SSR and conducting experiments on them. Tardiz also confirmed that the man appeared sick. when questioned, none of the patrons or employees had gotten sick since the incident.

As the heroes were concluding their investigation, officer Rahmar entered the tea house and offered a file given to him by the lieutenant with three possible addresses for Aliyev families in the city—one of which was close by in the Azerbaijani neighborhood. The men recruited officer Rahmar and headed on foot toward the address.

Caught in the Crossfire

As the four men neared the Aliyev residence, they noticed a black Soviet sedan parked in front of their destination. An elderly woman is being held by four Persian Army soldiers. Another three men, dressed in cream colored suits were arguing with the soldiers. Officer Rahman approached the scene and questioned the men. One of the cream colored suited men produced a Shahrbani identification and told the officer that he did not have jurisdiction. The Shahrbani agents were demanding that the soldiers hand over custody of the woman, but the soldiers refused. The situation spun out of control when the Shahrbani agent attempted to arrest the soldiers. The soldiers opened fire killing one of the Sharbani agents, and the other agents returned fire. Rahmar, too confused to know how to handle the situation ran away. In the confusion, O’brien ran into the line of fire and removed the woman to safety, Smiles subdued two of the remaining Shahrdani agents with an impressive use of martial arts, while Harrington fired at the soldiers. The three way fight was over quickly. Smiles collected the Shahrbano agent’s and soldiers’ identifications, while the rest of the heroes convinced the woman to get in the car. The heroes left the scene in the black sedan before the police arrived.

The heroes calmed the woman down and explained that they are trying to help her son who is obviously very sick. The PCs charms work on the old woman and she told them that her family left the area known today as the Armenia SSR in the early 1900’s do to tensions between the Arminian population and the Azeri. The family settled in Tehran where Aydan married Nesim’s father, also an Azeri immigrant, in 1918. Nesim was born the third of nine children in 1923. Of which only Nesim and his sister, Jala remain alive. Most others succumbed to disease, war or childbirth.

Nesim was always curious about his roots and went to join the Soviets in defense of their ancestral homeland from the Nazis. The Soviet invasion of Iran in 1941, and his subsequent disillusionment with communism, compiled with the Soviet prejudice against the Azeri, led Nerim to join the Ostlegionen in 1942.

Nesrim was nearly captured in Italy by Allied forces in 1944, but escaped and deserted his unit. He was caught by Soviet troops attempting to cross into the Caucus and sent to prison. The family did not hear from Nesrim after 1944, until he returned home three days ago.

He claimed to have been moved through various prison camps in the USSR, until being shipped to a military base in the town of Meghri in Armenia SSR. There he claimed he was subjected to unspeakable experiments along with many others. An accident at the base allowed him to escape in the confusion and he made his way home. Days after leaving the base, he began to feel sick. At first he was feverish, but slowly, his condition worsened until his skin began to break and secrete. The family doctor diagnosed him with leprosy and two days ago his sister Jala and Aydan drove him to a makeshift leper colony about 70 km east of the city, near the village of Abali.

The Leper Colony

The PCs and Nesim’s mother, Aydan, leave the sedan in Abali and walk toward the mountain side colony a mile outside of town. When they arrive, the PCs discovered that all the resident’s of the colony have been murdered. Their bodies had been torned to shreds. They discover a number of “giant-alligator” footprints leading to one of the caves that served as homes for some. In the cave, the PCs discovered the entrance to a Qanat, an ancient Persian underground aqueduct. The PCs loot some supplies from the colony and entered the Qanat. Deep underground, they are ambushed by a group of humanoid-snake-headed-men. Harrington is poisoned and is near death, but otherwise the characters killed the remaining snakemen. On closer examination, it appeared that the snakemen were dressed in tattered clothing consistent with the style worn by the villagers and likely the lepers in the colony. O’brien used his medical kit and medical training to suck the poison out from Harrington and the man seemed to recover.

Nesim Aliyev

The characters continued deeper into the Qanat until they reached a large chamber where a ten foot tall snake-headed creature sat in a corner as in a trance. The PCs approached the creature who seemed lost in his own world. His facial features were not completely in the form of a snake like those they previously fought—he still held some semblance of humanity—and he looked like Nesim Aliyev. Harrington attempted to talk to the creature, but was ignored until he mentioned Nesim’s mother. The creature came out of his trance like state and approached the PCs, slurring his mother’s name. Harrington and O’Brien continued to attempt to bring the humanity back and reason with the creature but without warning, the creature once again went insane and attacked the PCs. A savage fight ensued, but the creature appeared to have regenerative powers. The characters feared they would not be able to bring Nesim in alive, when they managed to bring the creature down long enough to tie him and the heroes brought Nesim and Aydan into British custody.

Any Landing You can Walk Away From...
Session 0

Colin O’Brien, Staff Sgt. Brenton Wilson-Davies, and Thelma Mae met their handler Robin Zaehner at the British Embassy in Tehran for an operational briefing. Robin introduced the trio to their pilot Wing Commander Bob Doe, an eccentric American oilman working in partnership with British Petroleum, Jean Getty, and a Geologist working for Mr. Getty named Alistair Cook.

Zaehner introduced the group to each other and explained their missions. The three agents were to go to the town of Marand about 79 km northwest of Tabriz. There, agent Mae was to work as interpreter and special envoy for the Crown to help Getty secure oil rights for British Petroleum. O’Brien was to help a British team set up a field hospital in the town to help BP’s interest and establish goodwill with the local population. Staff Sgt. Wilson-Davies was to recruit and train local fighters in sabotage and special operations against Soviet interests in Northern Iran, Armenia SSR and Azerbaijan and Wing Commander Doe was to fly the crew to their destination and help establish a makeshift runway near the town where British planes could land in case of Soviet aggression in the region. The crew equipped themselves and met at the Tehran airport to fly to Tabriz and then go via convoy to Marand.

An hour-and-a-half into the flight, a strange weather system developed to the Ford_Tri-Motor_4-AT-B.jpeg northwest. The pilot revved up the engines to gain as much altitude and speed as he could. Wilson-Davies as co-pilot and navigator plotted a northeasterly course to outflank the approaching storm that took them deeper into the Elburz Mountains. The freakish storm was too fast for the Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT-B to outrun and before long, the “tin goose” was shaking, rattling and bouncing furiously in the battering winds and flashing thunder.

A lightning strike tore through the starboard engine and knocked it out of commission. Doe struggled to keep control of the plane but the winds were too strong. Thanks to his expert piloting skills, however, he managed to evade crashing headlong into a mountain peak, but the summit’s rocks ripped a large hole into the plane’s fuselage. The hit knocked Mae into the airplane’s ceiling and was ruffed up and bruised. The other passengers managed to keep themselves safe. The plane however, was out of control and plummeted to the mountain below. Doe and Wilson -Davis, stabilized the plane just before hitting the ground, but the mountain ripped off the starboard landing gear sending the plane to into a sideway crash.

Wing Commander Doe suffered a severe head wound and was unconscious, but besides the bruised and battered Thelma Mae, the rest of the crew seemed in good shape. It was as dark as night outside besides only being noon. Cook and Davies found a flashlight and went outside to survey the damage and make sure the plane was not in danger of going up in flames. Discarding the threat of an explosion, the crew waited out the storm inside the plane.

After the storm, O’brien tended to Bob Doe’s wounds and managed to bring him back to consciousness. Cook took a closer look at the plane’s damage. The fuselage was badly damaged and their supplies had fallen out of the plane. The starboard engine was damaged but repairable with the right parts as was the starboard landing gear. The radio, however, was burnt out from the lightning strike. The crew waited until nightfall and Wilson-Davies used a sextant to get their exact position. Using the plane’s navigational maps, he found that they were about eight to ten miles away from the small mountain village of Masouleh.

In the morning, Mae attempted to scavenge for food, but there was nothing to be found at this elevation. The crew tightened their belts and started their trek down the mountain to reach the town. Although hazardous and treacherous, the crew managed to make decent headway down the mountain. Around mid-day they heard the sound of distant wolves but were unable to determine their location or distance. They reached the tree line after several hours of travel and rest of the day went by uneventfully. Tired and hungry, the group managed to start a fire, set camp and draw up a guard order.

Worg.jpg Right before sunrise, a large Worg leaped into the camp intent on securing an early breakfast. Alistair Cook was on watch however and had noticed the movement in the surrounding woods. As the Worg leapt to tear him apart, the mild mannered, introverted scientist, leveled his pistol and shot the giant beast between the eyes; dropping him with one shot. “My father taught me to shoot and hunt as a boy,” he explained to the dumbfounded group.

After feasting on Worg meat, the group set out once again. By early afternoon they spotted the town in the distance. However, the area seemed deserted and overgrown. The group found the village abandoned. The buildings showed signs of not having been inhabited for years. The group searched the town and empty buildings and concluded that the people had left in a hurry. It took several hours, but the crew managed to find supplies to repair the airplane: sheet metal, a weld machine, a car hood, wiring and the like. The group was uneasy however after finding clawed footprints in the snow of what appeared to be bi-pedal humanoids. As sundown approached the group did not think it safe to travel in the mountains with the supplies, so they established a perimeter and settled in the abandoned mosque in the center of town.

Feeding_Ghoul.jpg Around 3 AM while O’Brien was on watch, he heard a sound of shuffling feet outside the mosque. He looked through one of the holes in the walls and saw grayish skinned creatures with glowing red eyes, black ooze dripping from their fangs and claws. The creatures broke into the room from all directions. Some crashed through the walls, footsteps could heard from upstairs, others clawed their way from the ground. Heavily outnumbered the group did their best to hold their ground against the creatures. Getty was nearly grabbed while he slept but managed to leap out of the creatures’ grasp just in time. The near death experience was too much for him and his eyes widened in panic and terror. Mae let out a deafening horror-filled shriek that made everyone’s hair stand on end, but she fired her gun at one of the approaching fiends. The creature exploded in a cacophony of blood and gore; bathing Mae and others with bodily fluids and guts. Mae was traumatized and ran toward the barricaded exit. The wing commander was badly wounded by surrounding ghouls. Wilson-Davis moved upstairs to prevent attacks from above. Getty, terrorized by the score of ghouls pouring into the room, stabbed wildly at the beasts with a makeshift wooden spear. O’brien and Cook were surrounded, and fired their pistols. Dead ghouls exploded in a storm of blood and gore as they died, but they badly outnumbered the party. Cook was knocked down by three ghouls, his screams drowned by the sound of the ghouls feeding on his flesh. Wilson-Davis opened up from the stairs with his machine pistol after he killed the ghouls pouring from upstairs. He killed the three ghouls feeding on Cook, but it was too late-Cook had already been ripped to pieces.

The terrified Mae managed to remove the barricade from the door and fled outside and was confronted by two ghouls. In her terror, she managed to evade their attacks and after a brief confrontation managed to kill the fiends. O’brien took care of the ones surrounding him, and just as quickly as it had begun, the body of twelve ghouls laid on the ground dead.

The group rested until sunrise as best they could and made their way safely back to the airplane. They repaired the plane as best they could and made it safely to Tabriz.


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