Day After Ragnarok

Crashing through Planes

Another Day to Die

So we take off on this bloody Russian airplane making our way in disguised as the “General”, the bodyguard and the female “East German” secretary. After a boring flight the pilot calls for the “General”, and shows us a black storm with a solid light shooting up over the plant we are trying to reach. The General orders the pilot to continue while he stays in the front cabin. After the plane losses power the secretary opens the door and losses his wig. I know the jig is up. I dispatch the stewardess and throw her overboard. Next is the copilot, who I use a little too much force and ripped off the bloody head. Out the door he follows after we remove his uniform for the secretary to change places. After the General finally decides it time to jump we leave the plane. I try and destroy the evidence and witness but the Russian flare bloody doesn’t work. All’s well that end well as the pilot errors and the plane explodes anyway. Another time awaits on the ground….



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